Bhadran Samaj is proud of its volunteers and all through the years, we have been getting very active help of all different type of volunteers and they have been active over the years, we would like to add more volunteers throughout in every state in USA and Canada and also possibly in other countries who can help us in many more activities like:

a) Preparing details and working on events during the summer and Diwali
b) Getting Donations for various activities as stated in the Donations page
c) We need volunteers for preparing Vansavli d) Marriage Data: We would like to have volunteers who can help us prepare data of eligible bachelor men and women which can be presented to other bureaus or other Cgg Gams and also to our active elders.

We welcome all type of volunteers, please e mail us through the contact page of call on 888-236-9635 and someone will get back to you in 24 hours or less. Once again, we thank all our volunteers over the span of last 27 years and are sure we will keep on getting your support all the time.
If you wish to volunteer for any activity please Contact us anytime.