Generation Gap
We are all aware of the generation gap between us and our children; a gap that seems to be allot steeper than the gap we remember with our parents. Though memories of our childhood are of the streets of Bhadran, our children, especially those raised abroad share a completely different kind of childhood. Our main goal has always been to educate our children and to pass our love of our culture and village onto them so they make also pass it onto their children and many generations to come. All Bhadranite's should make it a point to try and visit Bhadran with their children, even if they are in their twenties or thirties. The streets of our village and the hospitality of our fellow Bhadranwasi's will surely leave an impression on our children. Reliving the memories of our grandparents through stories from family, friends, and neighbors would only further leave an imprint in their hearts and minds.

We hope that this website will provide a portal for more and more parents to help reduce the generation gap by reading the history of our village and going through the various images on our website.