Build Bhadran
Though Bhadran has come a long way, the progression of our village is still a project under works which is visible through the images posted on our site. In order to improve the current conditions in Bhadran we need as many volunteers as possible to help preserve the good in Bhadran today. Some of our dreams are like:

* An improved road infrastructure which connects to the main streams of Gujarat conveniently.
* Providing reliable phone system for our hospitals along with upgrading their system to web based property management systems.
* Upgrading the educational level by providing a more main stream internet based operation.
* Bring the level of education to the standards of the best schools in Ahmadabad and Baroda.
* Facilitate better political representation of the village at District Level and state assembly.
* Create ample job opportunities by growth of medium and/or large scale businesses and industries.
Presently two projects are being coordinated by us and you can view the progress and pictures here