Hospital Project
The Hospital Project is a part of a new endeavor to compete the initial stage of a unique & independent Bhadran. While we have received enormous support from within our community, we are asking again for your unconditional support to complete our Gam's dream. The only way to ensure completion of this project is by having even more participation by Bhadranwasi's. The infrastructure for the Hospital Project is complete; however we are behind on providing medical supplies & equipments.

The honorable citizens of Bhadran who are spread across our globe have generously donated for this purpose. While we are still far from completion, progress is transparent. Please click the link below for updates on The Hospital Project.

We are requesting Doctors globally to reach out to us if you are planning a trip to Bhadran in the month of January 2011. During your stay we would like to request a one + day of voluntary service within the facilities of our new Hospital. With such self-less pride in our community, we will repay your services by featuring you in upcoming advertisements to benefit your own career in your own immediate community.

** Grand opening of our Physical Therapy Division was in March 2010.