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If you have any questions please call us: 908-421-1600 (Pankesh) / 609-468-1212 (Praful)

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We urge donors to help make Bhadran a better place in the years to come. We welcome any and all donations; No amount is too small for our beloved Gam.

Your may choose to donate towards:

The Hospital Project
 The Road Infrastructure Project
 Projects specific to the education system.
 Sponsorship of events and programs
 The Wi-Fi project
 The Magic Phone Project
 Funding towards the Temples of Bhadran
 Our next generation: many brilliant and eager to learn children who need financial support.
 Any cause that you feel will help make Bhadran a better place.
 You may also choose to donate previously owned or new CD's and DVD's for the locals.

WE ARE A REGISTERED CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION in USA under the IRS sections: 501 (c) (3) and a registered non-profit organization. Please note that all donations are tax exempt in the USA.

Please click HERE if you would like to donate and you will be personally guided by one of our esteemed Trustees who will provide you with step by step guidance. You can also reach us via phone by calling 888-236-9635 or by posting on a forum by clicking HERE CONTACT US