We are always happy when we think of, because :
Firstly: It starts making us get-to-gathE V E N T Ser and even before that right from the day of planning we get Bhadran's feeling in all our preparations, as we are to meet lot and lot of Bhadranites
Secondly: It is a great joy to meets, family, cousins, friends and even some Bhadranite, whom we have not met since many years and and have great and lovely Bhadran Sangam feeling
Thirdly: Because we have always served great food, every one remembers that for months and months
Fourth: Once the event is over, memories are created, and photographs that are placed here on this site and many other helps us remember them and even share with our kids and now their kids also for a long long time.

Summer Picnic   SATURDAY 21ST, 2021

While we mail information to all whom we know and have address, please do not hesitate to step in, if you know at the last stage and want to come, we welcome every one with open hearts, that's what Bhadranites are.