Our special thanks go out to Bhadranwasi's and all the people who continue to have unconditional pride in Bhadran. It is you who have helped us share and spread our love for our native village of Bhadran.

With the blessing of Bhadrakali Mata, we all love being Bhadranite's or Bhadranwasi's as we are often referred to. In fact, to many of us the feeling is so intense that we carry the torch on a daily basis and look for ways to pass the same feeling onto our next generation. Though we aim to educate our children, it often turns out that due to our daily engagements, we are only able to pass our culture to our children through stories on those rare evenings when the family sits around and reminisces about our forefathers. Our children's knowledge of their hometown ends up being limited to these stories along with memories of a typical Ambassador Car, taxi or better yet a Maruti van from their last trip back home. That is where we come in. The goal of Bhadran Samaj is to help facilitate this process; to help carry the traditions that have been passed to us onto our children and our grandchildren through many fun filled activities and various other ways.

We are proud to present our website to Bhadranite's worldwide and encourage you to become a part of this esteemed community. Our groups have been meeting for almost 27 years now in the NY/NJ tri-state area. Though we started with humble beginnings, the help of many people who hold a special place for Bhadran have allowed us to become nostalgia relief for thousands of Bhadranwasi's throughout the area. We would like to present this website as a portal for our fellow Bhadranite's nationwide who would like to be added to our on-growing list of members and receive updates on upcoming events.

Browsing through our website shall definitely help enlighten the reader about our native B H A D R A N, which is counted as one of the top most villages of Gujarat. Though Bhadran is a village, it has offered its residents many facilities that were not available to other villages for many decades. A few proud facts to know about Bhadran are:

* We were amongst one of the first villages to have sanitation systems in place for over 65 years.
* We have provided college level education for the past 45 years offering degrees in Arts, Science, Commerce, Micro-Biology and an additional allied list of courses.
* We have had an advanced transportation system in place for over 25 years now, being one of the only villages to have brick roads leading into all of our intersections.
* We have also had a very effective water system for over 45 years.

We urge you to view the photo gallery as well as the progress reports presented in our help Bhadran section to help clarify what Bhadran Samaj does. We are a group of individuals passionate about Bhadran and we all contribute in our own way. No contribution is too small.